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Friday, March 2nd, 2007 at 7:26:17am UTC 

  1. It's pretty simple: If you don't agree with our forum rules and guidelines, respond to the actual rules in guidelines in a well thought out manner, not a rant as your recent post was.
  3. Also, do so in an appropriate place. Disregarding our rules does not make us want to listen to you more, believe it or not, and the New Ports section clearly says it's for development work only. Rules related complaints should be brought up elsewhere. I've just returned from dinner and found you seem to have gotten into a disagreement with at least one of our moderators, and judging from the text of your rant, it seems like you  just blew up without much cause.
  5. And calling us hypocrites does show a lack of understanding. Installing an alternate piece of firmware on a device does not break copyright law. It might break your product agreement, but all that means is your warranty is void.
  7. In the United States, bypassing the decryption can be breach of the DMCA if the encryption method is one of those protected by it (meaning if the encryption is of a sort that requires a license to use the encryption itself).
  9. I'm sure you've been warned about the behaviour you showed. We are willing to listen to criticisms of our forum, but by signing up you agreed to follow the rules. The posts that were removed didn't follow the rules. If you would like to place complaints as to the nature of the rules, that is allowed, but the appropriate place would be General Discussion, and the appropriate manner would be 'politely.'
  11. You yourself clicked that you agree to our rules, and if you continue to act this way know that your posting privileges will be revoked, something else that you have agreed to.


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