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my so called best friend
Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 6:42:22am UTC 

  1. Four pages. Four fucking pages, I wrote in word about you. Because I couldn’t sleep. /r/vent, if you don’t read all of this, I understand, it’s so fucking long.
  3. First of all, we met back in 3rd grade. I remember it well too, right before the Boston trip. We had another friend, we were kinda like a trio of sorts back then. Then he moved to Miami, no big deal i barely remember him anyway (sorry). Then we started hanging out more and more. I had never had a best friend before so this was awesome. I was like FUCK YEAH SLEEPOVERS N SHIT :D. Then girls entered the picture. 6th grade you got your first girlfriend. It was cool, you two were off and on for about a year (and by off and on i mean off one week on the next). I was thinking about girls alot then too, and hoping to get a girlfriend. So 7th grade comes along and I started liking this girl (first girl i liked, went about it all wrong i was fuckin retarded back then). I told you about her, i was like i wanna ask her out c:, you told me bro go for it:D and so i did. you never told me she had a boyfriend. jesus that was embaressing. But sometimes I thank you for that. If I had known, i might not have one of the few people in my life i can text at 1 in the morning and vent to (mainly ABOUT YOU). So thank you. And thats probably the last thank you you'll ever get from me. I think there were a few other girls in between then and the first girlfriend, that I liked but honestly I can't remember any of them. So, the first girlfriend comes around. We were down in town, and you were flirting with her alot. Then the next week comes, and we're in town again, and chilling with her, and I got her number. So I start texting her. Turns out she likes me. No fuckin way? So we end up going out. Right before vacation, I'm informed by her that you were trying to get her not to go out with me, so that she could go out with you. Really? I pushed it aside, blamed it on petty jealousy. We went out for nearly a month, she broke up with me for some asshole, and it wasn't you thank god, or i might not be writing this right now. I stayed hooked on her for a full 6 MONTHS. 6 FUCKING MONTHS OF MY LIFE WASTED, where I could be doing anything in my power to stop this whole situation from happening. and by situation i mean OUR FUCKING "FRIENDSHIP". That 6 months passed, and I started flirting with girls a little more, and getting more numbers. I was proud of myself and then I started talking to this one girl who was pretty interesting. Our friend Tom had gone out with her (did he? I don't remember). So I was texting her one day at your house, and she told me she was in town. I got excited, wondered if you wanted to chill with her and me down in town. I had previously mentioned her before, and you asked if i liked her. I said kinda...i dont know yet...yeah i guess i do...idk though...but don't go after her, leave her to me? and you said oh of course. So we head down there. Not even fucking 5 minutes and you're already flirting with her. I stayed with you two only because i thought she was getting fed up with you, and would start talking to me more. Nope I third wheeled the entire day. We go back up to your house, and you're already texting her. I was pissed with you, and for the firsts time in ever, I showed it. You (like a good "friend) asked what was wrong? I told you "dude, I told you not to" and you said what? "I told you not to flirt with her, idiot!" and you said "you never said you liked her!" i was pissed. Barely said a word to you the entire night. With my great luck, and a little help from you, what ended up happening? You dated her. For fuckin everrrrrrr. not really but still. You two break up. I'm still flirting with some girls. Then out of nowhere in November I ask this girl out. We're doin' pretty good, first "real" girlfriend as I called it. I was determined to keep her out of Collinsville so that you wouldn't really talk to her at all, because she didn't have a Facebook. One day, we end up going down there, it was a friday as I recall, because the town was lively. We were in ABC, and you show up, probably to try to find some friends. You see me and you're like oh really? And sit next to me. I was kinda pissed but brushed it off, hoping nothing would come of it. Now over the years I've noticed your way of flirting is....different? But effective. You tease the girls, pretend like you're not interested, and i usually liken it to that of how a kindergartner shows he likes a girl, by bullying her slightly. So yes, I do think of you in most respects as a small child. Which is what you are. So anyways, we were in ABC, and you start teasing her. I was like whatever he's being friendly. So then we get outside, and you're throwing snowballs at her. I try to play along "defending" her. She was acting kinda mad at me the entire day, so while you and the rest of our friends were going to the cave, i asked her what was wrong and she said nothing I'm fine, I just don't understand why you get mad at him, he's your best friend? So I was like "it's a long complicated story." I tried to kiss her but she pulled away. Now the night ends with her leaving and you two barely talking anymore. Now I go away the next week, and can't make it into town like I usually can. So she ends up going down into town AGAIN with the same friends, and who happens to be there? You. I don't know what happened that night, and I pretend not to know. But somehow you got her number. Me and her ended up having a fight that weekend and breaking up, you acting the sympathetic friend, "oh matt im sorry :( you'll find another one she didn't deserve you" all that bullshit. Now one day a few months later (in February) after I had brought my laptop over to your house, I went on Gmail to check something really quick and what did I find? Non other than your email account logged in. I shit my pants. I was like no way? And started seeing things I shouldn't have. Pictures from girls, because you didn't have picture messaging at the time. I didn't log out for a few days, trying to figure out what to do. Then one day I logged on. And saw the worst thing I had ever seen in my life (aside from one thing, but that's another story). I saw an email from my ex. The one you flirted with in Collinsville a few months back. Audibly I said "no..." I could feel myself start shaking. I opened, it and smiled. In fact I started laughing. Because I knew from then on, that the only reason I would keep up contact with you, would be to get my revenge. I started putting all the pieces together. All the girls you stole from me. The cherade you put up for years as my "best friend". It all hit me like a train hitting the sun. I was furious. I called my best friend, the one I now know is my BEST friend. ever. I was filled with rage. He calmed me down. He got me thinking of better ways to exact my revenge. He gave me all these ideas, ideas of which I'm using today (not all, but a good portion). Fast forward half a year. My actual best friend introduces me to this girl. I was shy at first, and then I found out she really liked me. So the 3rd time we hung out i threw fucking caution to the wind, and kissed her. not even half an hour after we started hanging out. I was so fuckin proud of myself. After about a month of dating I was exstatic with this girl. I couldn't be fuckin happier. Then I decided it was time to tell her, about you. Tell her what you had done to me, how you had demolished any chance of a love life i could get. She was so sorry for me, but I told her not to be, I told her I'd fix it sooner or later. So I told her that if you ever tried flirting with her over facebook, to tell me. Then prom rolled around (we never actually went but hey.)  I had realized that I had no one to sit with because she didn't know anyone. So you texted me, and asked if it was okay if you sat with us. (you had a girlfriend I didn't think you'd have to balls to flirt with my girlfriend in front of me and your girlfriend). Well I was an idiot one day, and it ended. Still don't know how, still kicking myself in the ass, still trying to get over her, but it'll happen. eventually. Anyways, during this whole year, I had accumulated two new best friends. I really solidified my relationship with them. I could be as weird as I possibly fucking wanted around them and they didn't give a fuck. they loved me anyway. And I met this girl, one of my first girlfriends friends. She introduced us as just a hook up (to me anyway) and this girl fell for me. I didn't know what to do. Then I decided to give it a try. (after my annual month long vacation of course). This is where it started to go to shit. Me and her started fighting. She was being told shit that wasn't true. She was being told that I was unfaithful, and I was a terrible boyfriend and I treated all my girlfriends like shit, and that she shouldn't go out with me. I had learned that (you and your gf had just broken up) you were hanging out with this girl and her friend (my ex) and I got pissed because I knew what was happening. I was also pissed because I thought my ex was backing you up. I was so pissed at both of them and you. My ex finally told me "it wasn't me it was your "best friend"". Then this girl started apologizing and saying she wanted me back and knew that she could trust me and all this other shit. I was realizing what happened. I started asking her questions. Questions she couldn't answer without revealing what actually happened. She told me you and her did stuff. She didn't tell me what stuff but she said stuff. I knew what she meant. I was pissed. I told her we couldn't be more than friends because I told her before I left what you had done to me. The atrocities that no best friend should ever do. She KNEW. Now, after I had dealt with her situation, (not the nicest word to describe it but it's accurate) I turned to you. You didn't think I knew because you stopped talking to this girl. That's good. That's exactly what I needed. Now I started talking to this other girl, the girl I'm currently dating. We went to a fair where I kissed her, and a few days later I asked her out.  Now you were at the fair. Along with my other two best friends, and my future girlfriend. You were flirting with my best friend. We drove home and you were flirting with her more. We drop you off, and I told her and my future girlfriend what you had done. I told them everything. My future girlfriend hates you, because of what you did to me solely. My best friend also has a boyfriend. A boyfriend me and jake absolutely love. She has way more opportunities with him than she will EVER FUCKING HAVE WITH YOU. and I can tell he loves her. I see it in his eyes.  And you flirted with her anyway. She's vulnerable, and you're persuasive. You're like a fucking vulture too. Now we get up to today. Where just last night I learned something that you and her never wanted me to find out. I'm in complete rage with you, and dissapointed as fuck in her, because she knows what you did to me. Remember when you saw me in Citgo this morning? Yeah, it took all of my willpower not to bash my monster can against your head, and pin you against the floor with my boot on your neck, threatening you with things that would make you wish you were dead. Then beating your face in. You made me what I am today you fuckface. And sometimes I like it because it gave me pride, and taught me that if I'm not on gaurd for people like you 24/7, i'll lose everything I love. You don't know any of this that I'm spilling out right now, and that's a good thing. Because once the end of the school year comes along you'll wish you could just crawl into a little ball and die. And you will. You'll die a lonely old man with no family to love you. You'll have taken advantage of everyone in your life, and they will have left you. I'm sitting here today because I can't bottle this up anymore. You've done to me what no human being should do to another person mentally. You've put me through hell and dammit do I intend to come back. I intend to come back and rain down on you so hard, you're going to die on the inside, and you will have NOTHING left in this town for you. You hear that? You're dead to me. You always will be. I'll tell my kids this story. I'll tell my grand kids this story. I learned from you and god dammit they will too. They'll learn to look out for pathetic little people like you. Because you're worse than cockroaches. You're a fucking asshole, you tiny dicked, little heartless fuckface. Goodbye "best friend".

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